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Analogue Solutions Dr. Strangelove
Analogue Solutions Dr. Strangelove

NoiseBug Price : $299

The Analogue Solutions Dr. Strangelove is not in stock.

Manufacturer Description:
Dr. Strangelove is the 2nd synthBlock by renowned synth maker Analogue Solutions. This joins Mr Hyde in a growing line up of small analogue effects boxes and synth components. Dr. Stranglelove is a compact, high quality analogue Ring Modulator, with analogue LFO modulation, featuring a lo-fi echo.

Analogue Ring Modulation with 2 audio inputs
Analogue LFO that can go into audio range, with 2 waveforms
Lo-fi Echo / Delay
ΒΌ" audio inputs and outputs
minijack (eurorack) audio & CV in / outs for direct connection to modulars
Superior build quality
Small footprint

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