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Analogue Systems RS-380 Modulation Controller
Analogue Systems RS-380 Modulation Controller

NoiseBug Price : $241.00

Yes, the Analogue Systems RS-380 Modulation Controller is in stock!

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NOTE: Analogue Systems is now plug and play! This is a Dual Buss Module that fits into any AS case as well as any case that accepts a Doepfer style header connector. Most cases in Euro Land accept Doepfer style connections.

Manufacturer Description:
The RS-380 is a composite module comprising four separate ?sub-modules? that you can patch together or with other RS Integrator modules to generate and control a wide range of effects. It is designed for use when space is at a premium, and combines a flexible Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator (VC-LFO) with a noise generator, a Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) and a random signal (sample and hold) generator. The rs380 VC-LFO offers a very low minimum frequency that allows you to create a variety of varying modulations and effects. Its maximum frequency lies in the middle of the audio range. The rs380 VC-LFO can, therefore, be used in three ways as a low frequency modulator, as an audio frequency modulator and as a secondary sound source.

12 hp
2.5 inches Depth
60 mA ±12V

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