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Buchla Electronics Musical Instruments LEM218
Buchla Electronics Musical Instruments LEM218

NoiseBug Price : $1599.00

Yes, the Buchla Electronics Musical Instruments LEM218 is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
The LEM 218 breaks out the legendary 218 keyboard used in the Music Easel for use with 200e systems and now interfaces with other synth standards.

• Traditional Music Easel 218 functionality
• 29-key touch keyboard, transposable over 4 octaves
• internal 200e bus communication for oscillator control
• 4 touch-plates can function as transposer or preset voltage sources
• CV, gate, pulse and pressure outputs compatible with the Eurorack standard
• pressure-sensitivity with CV out
• arpeggiator responds to MIDI sync and sustain to hold patterns
• voltage-controllable portamento • MIDI in and out, USB MIDI, expansion slot
• Flexible power: 12VDC, 200e, or from a Eurorack power cable

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