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Buchla Electronics Musical Instruments LEM7 Aquarius
Buchla Electronics Musical Instruments LEM7 Aquarius

NoiseBug Price : $1199

The Buchla Electronics Musical Instruments LEM7 Aquarius is not in stock.

Manufacturer Description:
Aquarius is a mini-system designed to get your gear interfaced to the Buchla world, or as a canvas to create your own modular system. Included is the 3-module powered boat loaded with the 225h MIDI-CV converter and the 202h Utilities to provide a standardized set of signals to your Buchla system. This toolbox provides MIDI, USB, CV/gates to and from a variety of standards including Eurorack. Aquarius comes with 4 half-module blanks to allow you to add half or full-size Buchla modules to expand your system.

Noisebug has 200e modules in stock, so express Your needs with a call or email, and we will be glad to shed light on any concerns or questions You may have, as we are here to help with all of Your MIT needs.
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