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Doepfer Dark Energy II Glide Option Kit
Doepfer Dark Energy II Glide Option Kit

NoiseBug Price : $15.00

The Doepfer Dark Energy II Glide Option Kit is not in stock.

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The glide option contains a pre-wired glide potentiometer with two nuts and a Dark Energy style rotary knob.

Manufacturer Description:
The modification can be installed by yourself as you don´t need to solder anything.

-Just open the synth´s case with Phillips head screwdriver
-connect the potentiometer to a connector on the circuit board
-put the potentiometer thru the corresponding hole
-bolt the pot to the case by tightening the potentiometer´s hex nuts with a 10mm key
-place the knob on the potentiometer and tighten it with a small flat screwdriver
-close the synth´s housing

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