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Doepfer A-151 Quad Sequential Switch
Doepfer A-151 Quad Sequential Switch

NoiseBug Price : $76.00

The Doepfer A-151 Quad Sequential Switch is not in stock.

Manufacturer Description:
module a-151 (quad sequential switch) is like an electronic four-position rotary switch.

it includes trigger and reset inputs, four in / outputs, and a common out / input. each time a pulse is received at the trigger input socket, the common out / input is connected to the next in / output. after the fourth in / output, the next trigger makes it step back to the first again, and so on. a positive pulse at the reset input switches the out / input immediately back to the first in / output voltages in the range -8v...+8v at the o/i resp. i/o sockets can be processed by the module.

four leds indicate the active in / output (ie. the on that is connected to the out / input at any particular time).

similar modules: a-152 voltage addressed track&hold / switch (multiplexer) / digital outputs.

this module has a maximum current draw of 20ma. it requires 4 te/hp worth of space to fit in a eurorack frame.

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