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Mutable Instruments Warps
Mutable Instruments Warps

NoiseBug Price : $250.00

Yes, the Mutable Instruments Warps is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
evolved from the oscillator mixing section of mutable instruments’ desktop hybrid synths, warps is designed to blend and combine two audio signals. a variety of wave-shaping and cross-modulation methods – some of them emulating classic analog circuits, some of them purely digital – are provided by the module.

with warps, the cross-modulated sound can be sculpted with control voltages along 4 dimensions: by controlling the amplitude and distorting the input signals, by smoothly scanning through the collection of modulation algorithms, and by adjusting a timbre parameter controlling the brightness/harshness of the modulated signal.

since many classic cross-modulation effects work best when the carrier is a simple waveform – for example, a sine wave for ring-modulation or a buzzing waveform for vocoding – warps includes a digital oscillator offering a handful of classic waveforms. this internal oscillator, which tracks v/oct and supports through-zero fm, will replace the carrier audio input – freeing up one oscillator in your system for other duties!

continuous morphing between 7 cross-modulation algorithms: crossfade, cross-folding, digital model of analog diode ring-modulation, digital ring-modulation, bitwise xor modulation, octaver/comparator, 20-band vocoder.
control of timbre richness/brightness.
each audio input has a built-in digital vca with emulation of analog soft-clipping.
audio input 1 can be replaced by an internal digital oscillator with through-zero fm. available waveforms: sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, filtered noise.

modulation algorithm morphing.
timbre richness.
input gain/distortion for audio inputs 1 and 2.
internal oscillator waveform.

inputs and outputs:
audio input 1 (carrier) level cv (or internal oscillator 1v/oct cv), -1v to +8v.
audio input 2 (modulator) level cv, -1v to +8v.
modulation algorithm morphing cv, -5v to +5v.
timbre cv, -5v to +5v.
audio input 1 (or internal oscillator through-zero fm). modular level expected (up to 15 vpp).
audio input 2. modular level expected (up to 15 vpp).
cross-modulated signal output.
auxiliary output: internal oscillator signal (when enabled) or mix of inputs 1 and 2 (post digital vca).

technical characteristics:
input impedances: 100k.
ad/da: 16-bit, 96khz.
internal processing: 32-bit floating point, 576khz (32khz for vocoder).
open-source hardware and firmware.
easy firmware updates through an audio interface.
cortex-m4 arm processor.
current consumption: +12v: 110ma ; -12v: 5ma.

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