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Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas Magnus
Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas Magnus

NoiseBug Price : $355

The Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas Magnus is not in stock.

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coming 9/21

Manufacturer Description:
Noise Engineering invites you to come along on a journey as they present their first
foray into Large Format Modular. Manis Iteritas Magnus is a Moog Format (MU) version
of their acclaimed Eurorack synthesizer module, Manis Iteritas. Based BIM's architecture
but re-imagined as a grittier and more aggressive synth voice, MIM uses only saw waves
that are processed and modulated through an interface all its own, not sharing identical
parameters with BIM. A non-resonant filter is brought to the front panel in addition Saw-Mod
SMASH and BASH with the Envelope altered slightly giving you control over decay and depth.

Control the pitch with extreme accuracy using the three pitch ranges on a
dedicated switch or using the pitch knob which includes course and fine tune on a
single encoder (fine tune is default, coarse is accessed by pushing and turning

Control the tonal shaping in even more depth with CV inputs for every function.
Track pitch accurately with the 1v/oct input over a wide range and trigger
the EG with the gate input or the HIT button. For versatility of sound, MIM
includes 3 synthesis algorithms on a tactile switch, providing you with
percussion sounds ranging edgy and distorted to full-blown mayhem!

Expect nothing less than punchy high-fidelity sounds. The algorithmic sound
engine runs on a state-of-the-art XMOS architecture, providing extreme power
and flexibility in a small package. MIM is shallow and certainly Box-11 friendly.
It is completely digital top-to-bottom but that's not apparent as there is no aliasing
or stair-stepping of modulation sources. The only clue might be that no one would
ever believe that so much mayhem and sonic destruction could come from a single MU

MIM is completely unrivaled in the Large Format stable and is absolutely essential
for any owners of large format systems seeking a turn-key solution for Bass, leads and percussion
without eating up half your system. Owners of other formats might enjoy having MIM
and BIM in a small MU case for the size and ease of access to the knobs, while keeping
control modules in a smaller footprint.

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