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Studio Electronics Modstar Sensei Analog
Studio Electronics Modstar Sensei Analog

NoiseBug Price : $4995.00

Yes, the Studio Electronics Modstar Sensei Analog is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
SENSEI ANALOG is a lustrous, three discrete Oscillator, all analog duophonic dream machine (OK, our customized MIDI 3 is a clever forgivable digital necessity) which could, should, be thought in the same breath as celestial chariots of old—here transporting earthly creations beyond the hammered bowl/barrier of the firmament into a synthetic, sonic paradise.Four supreme, exalted filters: SEM, 4075, 5089 and SE88, one for each Class-A OSC, and the overflow for the final resonant subtraction, tint and sanction the transformation; ensconced, appropriately enough, in a Special Edition Monorocket black “carbon” case. Man, does that ever matter where uber-beefy power delivery and connectivity, clarity of sound, supreme build quality, and handsome, rugged portability are concerned. Internally mounted IEC supply makes your pack & setup nice 'n easy—does it every time.

MODSTAR SENSEI ANALOG - 212hp Module Breakdown
Top Row: OSCILLATION (x3) 48hp, MULTIPLE 2hp, SEM 12hp, 4075 12hp, 5089 12hp, SE88 20hp. Bottom Row: BRAND PLATE 4hp, MIDI 3 6hp, ATTENULAG 10hp, MIX4 6hp, VCA2 6hp, SHAPERS 12hp, LFO2 6hp, AMP 8hp, ROUTER 2hp, SCI FI 10hp, LEVELS 10hp, SHAPERS 12hp, AMP 8hp, OUTS 6hp.

MODSTAR SENSEI - Module Description
Class-A, discrete, DC coupled, output buffered, exponential current source, vintage-designed analog oscillator.
Passive utility module with two independent sections of four linked jacks.
• SEM:
Obi-flavored, 12 Db voltage controlled state variable filter and "Pendulum Chaos Generator"—damping/stabilizing override feature.
• 4075:
Arp-flavored Discrete, voltage controlled, 24/db/oct cascaded transconductance low-pass filter—six pairs of hand-matched transistors—Really a 4-pole ARP 4072 (better: more parts and trims).
• 5089:
Mini-flavored voltage controlled, discrete analog, 24 db/oct transistor ladder, low-pass filter (hand-matched transistors).
• MIDI 3:
Third generation extremely full-featured MIDI to CV converter, optimized and calibrated by Studio Electronics exclusively for Modstar Systems.
Switchable dual attenuation, 3 output lag generator for CV and audio.
• MIX4:
Space conscious, unity gain, 4 in/1 out, high quality audio and CV mixer and "multer".
• VCA2:
Discrete quad op-amp dual VCAs for audio and level chaining, control, and sharper tonality.
• SHAPERS: (x2)
Dual four stage envelope generator with independently adjustable attack, decay, sustain, and release stages.
• LFO2:
Potent all analog dual LFO module—two different low frequency oscillator circuits provide a variety of modulation options.
• AMP: (x2)
2 stage Class A discrete design, using 3 pairs of hand matched transistors; DRIVE—'70s era distortion and Drone control.
Compact switchable dual audio/CV router.
Ring Mod, White and Pink Noise, Sample and Hold—Classic Synth Toolbox, with LFO and slewing control of S&H.
Versatile, low-noise six channel summing mixer/attenuator for audio and CV—pots are wired with logarithmic volume curves.
Dual independent output module featuring a stereo 1/4" headphone amplifier output and dual mono 1/4".

3.5a on the +/-12v rails
500ma of +5v per row installed
15 Doepfer compatible power connections per row (shrouded & keyed)
5 Analogue Systems power connections per row
Internally mounted 120v and 240v Power Supply Unit - includes IEC power cable

"Sliding Nuts" mounting system - includes mounting screws

Monorocket Powered Case Specifications
2 rows / 106hp each (4 hp bonus)
Internal depth 4.5 inches (except area over PSU which is 2 7/8)
External Dimensions with lid attached (H x W x D): 11.5 x 22.5 x 8
Unit stands vertical or lays on its back
Stackable if you detach the handle (4 pan head screws)
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