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Updated Friday November 17th, 2017

We maintain an ever changing selection of high quality used gear that are customer and client trade ins or store/manufacturer display models. All used gear is guaranteed to be in excellent working condition and very good to excellent cosmetic condition unless otherwise indicated. Any modular parts ship with a power cable and mounting screws specific to their format. Please contact us by clicking on the IN STOCK button for information and/or pictures on any item listed below. We update this list daily so most items that appear are available.

ANALOGUE SOLUTIONS Oberkorn - White (DEMO with full factory warranty) $799 In Stock
LEXICON PCM80 (1 extra Algorithm Card included) $599 In Stock
CASIO CZ-101 $299 In Stock
HAKEN Continuum Fingerboard w/CVC and ATA Case (1st Gen SN 19394 Refurbished by Lippold, Like New!) $2999 In Stock
MOOG MUSIC Minimoog Voyager - Solar (All Original w/ Manufacturer's Warranty) $2999 In Stock
MOOG MUSIC Minimoog Voyager - Aluminum (All Original w/ Manufacturer's Warranty) $TBD In Stock
NOVATION Bass Station II (All Original w/ Manufacturer's Warranty) $250 In Stock
ROLAND D-50 Keyboard - With Program Cards + Gig Bag $399 In Stock
ROLAND Fantom Xa with Road Ready Hardshell Case $499 In Stock
ANALOGUE SOLUTIONS Telemark Filter $199 In Stock
ANALOGUE SOLUTIONS Voicebox $99 In Stock
DAVE SMITH INSTRUMENTS DSM03 Feedback Module $199 In Stock
DOEPFER A116 VC Waveform Processor $70 In Stock
DOEPFER A138c Polarizing Mixer $70 In Stock
EOWAVE EO-310 Sensor Signal Processor $99 In Stock
EOWAVE Orage Through-Zero VCO $175 In Stock
EOWAVE Potentiometer (Remote) $25 In Stock
EOWAVE Pressure Sensor $45 In Stock
ERICA duphonic MIDI-CV interface $140 In Stock
ERICA pico A MIXER $45 In Stock
FREQUENCY CENTRAL Continuum Phase Shifter $149 In Stock
GRAYSCALE Algorhythm (DEMO with full factory warranty) $199 In Stock
HARVESTMAN Zorlon Cannon $350 In Stock
INTELLIJEL Azimuth II $195 In Stock
INTELLIJEL Dixie Ctrl $90 In Stock
INTELLIJEL DubMix $450 In Stock
INTELLIJEL uMod II $140 In Stock
INTELLIJEL Unity Mixer $75 In Stock
INTELLIJEL uStep $145 In Stock
JoMoX Mod.Brane 11 - Drum Module $350 In Stock
MALEKKO HEAVY INDUSTRY Noise Module $75 In Stock
MEDIC MODULES / Analogue Solutions Voice Box (Speaker Module) $99 In Stock
PITTSBURGH MODULAR Foundation 3.1+ System (Like New In Box) $1850 In Stock
PITTSBURGH MODULAR Modulator $85 In Stock
QU-BIT ELECTRONIX RT60 (Silver panel, Blue LED - like new) $189 In Stock
ROLAND SYR-E84 Powered Portable Eurorack Case $299 In Stock
STUDIO ELECTRONICS ToneStar 8106 $399 In Stock
SYNTHETIC SOUND LABS Segwencer (DEMO with full factory warranty) $199 In Stock
SYNTHETIC SOUND LABS V-Gates - Silver (DEMO with full factory warranty) $199 In Stock
VERMONA TwinOut $199 In Stock
VERMONA TwinVCAmp $245 In Stock
WALDORF CMP1 Compressor Module (DEMO with Full MFG Warranty) $275 In Stock
FREE STATE FX MFOS16 Rotary Step Sequencer $499 In Stock
MOON MODULAR 569eg Gate Output Expander (SN 4876 like new in box) $199 In Stock
MOON MODULAR 569egb Gate Output Expander Basic (SN 4394 like new in box) $149 In Stock
MOON MODULAR RP Case (SN 4012) $399 In Stock
MOON MODULAR Sequencing System T6+563+563E $899 In Stock
SYNTHESIZERS.COM Q107 State Variable Filter $85 In Stock
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