MakePro Audio - DinoPark mobile

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The Secret behind the Sound

There are specialized synthesizers that give you great results within their limited scope of specialization. Then there are versatile synthesizers that cover a large sonic spectrum using a sample-playback engine. And then there is DinoPark.

Nothing quite compares to its coupling of modular software technology and dedicated uber powerful Analog Devices SHARC DSP processor to do the sonic math. It’s this unprecedented technology pairing that puts DinoPark - and its CreamWare predecessors like Noah and the ASB units - in a class all by itself and how it can emulate such a variety of synthesizers and synthesis forms, in the most minute detail. DinoPark is a multi- specialist that can load - and perform as responsive hardware - very different synthesis specialization, thus being able to cover a very large sonic spectrum while delivering superior sound quality, like only specialized synthesizers can.


  • A total of 7 synthesizers for your Eurorack - while still small in size
  • Choose from a variety of awesome Synths - all precise replicas of the legendary classics
  • BIG sound - brings the highly praised CreamWare plugin technology back to life
  • One-of-a-kind, modeling Drum Kit and Bass Voice Synthesizer for Eurorack
  • A complete set of fully tweakable Drum Instruments - fully synthesized, no samples!
  • Full voice, expressive Bass Synthesizer alongside your Drum Kit
  • Expandable with “Dino Dials” Encoder Module - assignable, touch sensitive Knobs!
  • Integrates into the modular MakePro System - for as much tactile control as you want !

Huge Possibilities - Small in Size