Dreadbox - Komorebi

Dreadbox - Komorebi

  • $199.00

Dreadbox Komorebi is a fully analog chorus/flanger effects pedal that uses bucket brigade delay (BBD) chips to achieve its authentically vintage sound.

The controls let you precisely dial in your chorus and flanger sounds, with a STATIC knob to set initial delay time between 2ms and 35ms, a FEEDBACK knob to set the amount of delay feedback and an AMOUNT knob to set LFO depth.

Komorebi has three LFO/modulation waveforms – sawtooth, reverse sawtooth (ramp) and triangle – as well as an LFO RATE knob to dial in LFO speeds from 15 seconds to 110Hz.

There are also three 1/8" eurorack-friendly patch points, with two CV inputs to let you affect the STATIC and RATE values via control voltages and an output share Korembi's LFO wave with other CV-capable gear.

Korembi offers true bypass. A pair of dip switches on on the rear panel lets you toggle between using Korembi with guitar/line-level signals and modular-level signals (up to 10V peak to peak). An included 15VCD power supply provides the maximum available headroom.