Lorre-Mill - Double Knot v2

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About This Listing

This synth is a collection of some analog blocks and simple digital logicblocks to construct electronic sound patterns. The interface is made up of knobs, switches, and banana plugs for patching. For the most part, to play this instrument means to tune and reconfigure this system as it plays itself.Inside the Double Knot synthesizer there are two voices. Each voice consists of a triangle/square wave oscillator, a shift register sequencer, an enveloper and a voltage controlled amplifier. To set the tempo of the shiftregisters there is a clock. Functional blocks associated with the clock are an XOR gate and a binary counter. One of the aims of this design is to provide the most flexibility while still having some shape to the piece.There are some predetermined connections in the double knot which somewhat define the roles of each block. The envelopers are triggered by the shift registers unless the trigger inputs are used. The triangle outputs of the oscillators are fed to voltage controlled amplifiers. This makes the Double Knot semi-modular. This system can be used to make complex textural sounds and fm drones, or techno drums at polyrhythmic intervals.