Looperlative - LP1 Gen B

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originally introduced in 1995, the looperlative lp1 set the standard for advanced looping features. in 2018, we are introducing the next generation of lp1. based on newer technologies, the new lp1 offers persistent audio storage and improved audio quality. as before, the lp1 software can be upgraded in the field by downloading the latest version. the lp1 genb is also built with a more modular design allowing for future hardware upgrades as technology advances.

the cost for all of this is a reduced price from the original lp1. the new lp1 genb is available at a price that is 60% of the original lp1. for $900 you get an lp1 genb that offers stereo 24-bit audio (32-bits internally), stereo ¼" inputs, stereo ¼" outputs, and one pair of stereo ¼" auxiliary outputs. with improved responsiveness of midi and network interfaces, the lp1 genb adds performance while reducing cost.

24-bit audio codec with 32-bit internal audio
48 khz sampling rate
stereo audio in, stereo audio out and stereo auxilliary audio out
8 stereo audio loops which can be synchronous are asynchronous with each other
audio for each loop is saved during power off
midi control, front panel control, and ethernet control
midi clock input and output

Ships with the latest firmware