Noise Engineering - Sonitus Tympanum (Noisebug Exclusive)

  • $4,350.00


The Limited Edition - Sonitus Tympanum - Noise Engineering System


The Sonitus Tympanum System was inspired by the age of stand-alone drum machines as a complete instrument & how they inspired an entire musical era from the early 80’s to this very day, but with a new updated modern twist with the vision of Noise Engineering at the forefront. We created this system out of the need to offer more of a cohesive system that can create everything from percussion, basslines, leads, effects & much more! All the modules have been handpicked by the team here at Noisebug to create a drum machine that will destroy any other drum machine on the market today! The system has been laid out in a way that makes it easy to get ideas going quickly with a smooth workflow from left to right. Of course, that is just one way of looking at it & can be routed in a million different ways for deeper sonic exploration.


All systems will ship with Noise Engineering goodies & 4 packs of Tendril Cables

3 Systems are available with limited edition name plates.