Pittsburgh Modular - System 90 (Eurorack)

Pittsburgh Modular - System 90 (Eurorack)

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cutting edge sonic playground

a perfect balance of digital depth and analog warmth, the system 90 synthesizer creates a cutting edge playground for endless experimentation. the system 90 synthesizer was designed around the complex power of the digital dna symbiotic waves oscillator and the rich modulation options of the analog waveforms oscillator. the analog/digital tag team creates an amazing sounding synthesizer with unmatched potential.

the system 90 synthesizer is a complete, standalone, fully modular synthesizer that bridges the gap between classic east coast synthesis and west coast experimentation. the system 90 synthesizer contains all the components necessary to create massive monosynth leads and basses, complex evolving soundscapes and textures, along with everything in between. innovative oscillators matched with a stunning filter pushes the synthesizer system 90 to a league of its own.

an unpatched system 90 synthesizer offers a clean slate for sonic exploration and sound design. the open format of a modular synthesizer allows for greater control and a deeper understanding of synthesis. the system 90 synthesizer is designed to function as a standalone instrument. however, the system 90 synthesizer is a 100% eurorack compatible modular synthesizer. the system is made up of 11 individual eurorack format synthesizer modules which can be removed, reorganized, and replaced with pittsburgh modular or other eurorack compatible modules. the system 90 synthesizer uses the pittsburgh modular cell[90] case and power supply to house and power the modules.

complex analog and digital oscillators
at the heart of the system 90 synthesizer beats two very different hearts. the first is a 2nd generation, analog, complex waveform oscillator. this oscillator offers a full complement of standard waveforms including sine, triangle, saw, and pulse waves in addition to a sub octave generator, modulatable blade wave, and serious modulation options, creating a huge sonic base to build on.

the second heart of the system 90 synthesizer is the dna symbiotic waves module, a digital dual oscillator and waveform processor. each oscillator within the symbiotic waves offers a selection of 16 unique waveforms. symbiotic waves mixes the output of the two oscillators using a built in wave processor. the processor section combines the output of both oscillators using 1 of 16 different methods with unique and amazing results.

multifunction filter & envelopes
the system 90 synthesizer features the lpg, a character rich, triple mode lopass gate module that creates a palate rich with organic plucks, warm and gummy sweeps, and uncontrolled aggression..

dual multifunction envelopes offer a wide range of creative potential. each envelope module functions as a voltage controlled attack and decay or attack, sustain, and release, lfo, envelope follower, slew (portamento) and more.

system 90 synthesizer specs
pittsburgh modular cell[90] desktop case
90hp eurorack desktop case
sliding nut mounting nut system
dimensions: 19.5" x 7.5" x 5"

integrated power bus board
+12v 850ma / -12v 850ma / +5v 250ma
external 12v / 2000ma / ac power adapter