Polyend - Preset

Polyend - Preset

  • $399.00

Recall and Sequence Presets

Probably everyone whoʼs using the modular systems once faced a dilemma
of not being able to store sets of multiple modules values at the same time.
In other words, they were unable to save and recall their presets in a fast
and convenient way. The pros of being able to do so both in a studio
and live situations are obvious.

Record and Recall CV, Gate, and Note Data

With the Polyend Poly Preset Eurorack module, you'll be able to create your own custom collection of control signals that you can deploy at any time. A total of 1,024 preset slots are available, and each can record and send out voltage changes up to 30 seconds long. Capture notes (1V/Oct), Gates, constant values (0–10V), or CV automation, then send them out to your modules via nine variable outputs. You can even switch between your preset banks via CV input (use Gates or 0–10V for this). Complete with 32 musical scales onboard, the Polyend Poly Preset is an innovative utility module that everyone should have in their rack.

Polyend Poly Preset Eurorack Module Features:

  • Voltage control preset module for Eurorack modular synthesizers
  • Capture and store notes (1V/Oct), Gates, constant values (0–10V), or CV automation
  • 9 variable outputs for patching to other modules
  • 32 banks with 32 presets each, with up to 30 seconds of recording time for each preset
  • Perfect for saving CV automation, note sequences, and gate patterns for later recall
  • Preset banks can be sequenced via CV input (use Gates or 0–10V)
  • 32 onboard musical scales
  • Size: 22HP wide, 24mm deep