Analogue Systems - French Connection

Analogue Systems - French Connection

  • $3,999.00

Manufacturer Description:

Based upon the legendary Ondes Martenot, the French Connection is a unique controller for virtuoso performance. By placing a finger through the ring suspended below the physical keyboard, the player can glide smoothly between notes by moving the playing hand from left to right, creating a very natural vibrato in the process. Theremin effects are easily obtained by connecting one of the CV outputs to an external VCO with sine wave output.

The French Connection is a 49-note CV/Gate keyboard controller supplying (3) CV outputs, (1) Gate output, and (1) Trigger output. In addition, there is an XY Joystick Controller, selector switches for normal keyboard duties, and the Ondes Martenot Controller via a Wire Traveller and pressure resistant wooden button. The French Connection controller does not have MIDI and does not emit any sound, but by connecting it to a minimum of (1) VCO with sine or saw waveform, plus a VCA, the Martenot effect is easily obtained.

The user can line up the Wire Traveller with a raised and indented reference grid below the Traveller (a wire under tension with a ring that the user puts his finger through) to land accurately on the desired notes, or can use the keyboard as a visual aid.

The user can select between Traveller and Keyboard modes with the 2 selector switches for Button and Conventional Keyboard playing. For example, if the expression is routed from the button to a VCA with LFO routed thru it (for vibrato), the player can achieve effects much like the Arp PPC controller on an Odyssey III / Axxe II.

The French Connection is housed in a gorgeous American Walnut cabinet and each one is hand built. This instrument has received worldwide attention since Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead started using his in their studio sessions and on their live tours.