Free State FX - Klee Sequencer

  • $1,499.00

Free State FX Custom Shop: Klee Sequencer

The Klee Sequencer is a versatile 16 stage pattern generator. The Klee has the unique ability to have multiple stages active simultaneously. Three Gate Busses allow complex triggering of envelopes generators and other rhythmic events. The Klee can operate as a simple traditional step sequencer, or it can behave like a generative random voltage generator.


1 X 16 Stage or 2 x 8 Stage Mode

Random Stage Load Mode

Invert B Mode

Master Gate/Trigger Outputs

3-Channel Gate/Trigger Output Busses w/ Merge Switches

Status LEDs for Gate/Trigger Busses

Range Switch for Program Pots

External Variable Range Input w/ Attenuator

Random Stage Activator CV Input w/ Attenuator

Random Stage Activator CV Threshold

Clock Input

Clock Disable Switch

Manual Step Pushbutton Switch

Manual Load Pushbutton Switch

Load Input

Load Bus 1 Switch

16x Gate Bus Switches

16x Load Bus Switches

CV Out A (Stages 1-8) Jack

CV Out B (Stages 9-16) Jack

CV Out A+B Jack

Alternate Glide Outputs with Level Control for CV A, CV B, and CV A+B

Assembled in Lawrence, Kansas USA