Happy Nerding - HN VCF

  • $150.00


The HN VCF is a multifaceted state variable filter with drive section. The circuit offers a high-pass, a band-pass and two low-pass outputs with varying slopes and distortion ranges. In result, the module can be used for smooth as well as aggressive sound processing. Thanks to its concentric potentiometers, the HN VCF takes up very little space in a modular system.



The HN VCF features high-pass and low-pass channels with a slope of 12 dB per octave as well as a 6 dB band-pass. Cutoff, resonance and drive section can be adjusted via the inner parts of the module's concentric potentiometers. The outer knobs allow bipolar attenuation of control voltages, which can be fed to the circuit via dedicated inputs. Additionally, there is a 1v/octave connector, making it possible to play the filter tonally while self-oscillating. The fourth output of the HN VCF is named “LP!”. Here, results of an 18 dB per octave low-pass can be tapped off. The exclamation mark signals, that the drive circuit works more fiercely in this channel.


Cutoff, resonance and drive CV inputs
1v/octave input
High-pass, band-pass and two low-pass outputs (LP / LP!)


3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases