Leaf Audio - Bass Kalimba

  • $14.99

Bass Kalimba

Our Bass Kalimba Set fits for the Microphonic Soundbox mk2 and for it’s little brother, the Microphonic Playground. It has longer strips than the standard Soundbox Kalimba and therefore sounds deeper. Two of the strips are thicker than the others (1,6 mm instead of 1,2 mm) what results in a further sound variation.


The holes in the strips are ment to face towards the player. You could possibly use it with single hairs of a violin bow or use steel wire to mount something onto it. It’s all about exploration.


Use the included M3 countersunk screws (complete set only) to mount it on the Microphonic Soundbox mk2 or Microphonic Playground. You will need a TX10 (Torx) screwdriver bit.


Length: 120 mm
Width: 9 mm
Thickness: 1,2 mm / 1,6 mm