LEP - Arpopone

  • $375.00


...is a simple melody/bass line generator with a chord and rhythmic section. It is based on analog ramp divider, similar to those used for Multicassa which are inspired by Oskar Sala's Mixturtrautonium, an early electronic musical instrument.

Each divider generates a voltage ramp starting from a master clock (internal or external) a potentiometer is used to set the number of steps and thus the division ratio with a minimum of 1, there are ten of such dividers in the different sections of the instrument:

  • 2 for the rhythmic section (trigger pulses 1 & 2)
  • 2 for the scale generator, these have a ramp output that forms the melody line
  • 6 for the audio dividers, the 2 prescalers are chained with 4 note dividers, one for bass and 3 for chords.

A further divider comes into play if external clock is selected, in this case the BPM control acts as a clock divider making possible the synchronization with other instruments (at maximum speed divider=1).


Power also non-stablized 12 volts + central tip.


**Units include power supplies**