ASM - Hydrasynth Deluxe

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 ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe  The ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe is the new flagship Hydrasynth. Offering a  dual-engine setup with a total of 16 voices plus an all new 73-note  keybed featuring ASM's much sought after PolyTouch® polyphonic  aftertouch functionality, clearly in a class of its own. With  essentially two Hydrasynths in one instrument, KeySplit and Dual voice  mode patches with 8 independent voices each are possible. You also have  separate balanced stereo audio outputs for each of the two parts. The  easily accessible 4 octave ribbon controller adds for truly expressive  playing. The Hydrasynth Deluxe of course offers CV/GATE I/O for  interfacing to modular and other voltage controlled synths. There are a  ton of potential for sound creation, using ASM's WaveScan oscillators  together with the Mutator waveshaping section and user configurable  filters. A plethora of LFO's and Envelope's plus Insert and Master  Effects makes this a dream sound creation tool and quite possibly the  ultimate synthesizer and controller combo for your rig.