Tangible Waves - MIXCONSOLE/3CH

Tangible Waves - MIXCONSOLE/3CH

  • $63.00

This module is not a freestanding design, it needs the MIXCONSOLE to work and attaches to it via a special flat cable at the back.

The great thing is that you can chain as many of the 3CH modules as you like so could make a 28 channel mixer if you wanted!

(28 is the maximum number because all these modules have to be situated directly next to each other and on the widest available case you can only fit 8x 3CH and one MIXCONSOLE module in one row.)

Module power consumption: 15mA


  • IN 1 - IN 3 - the signal in for each of the 3 channels.
  • CV 1 - CV 3 - the CV input for each channel which works in conjunction with the same numbered level knob.


Each channel has 4 knobs with the same function, (Channel number is by the level knob):-

  • FX 1 Send - controls the amount of signal sent to FX1 send output.
  • FX 2 Send - controls the amount of signal sent to FX2 send output.
  • Pan - set where in the stereo field that channel is played, from fully Left to fully right.
  • Level - controls the amount of signal in the Mix L/R outputs.

Do bear in mind that the amount of signal sent to the FXs (and their return level) will also affect the apparent loudness of the sound as well as the level control.