ACL - EVZ1 [6U 104 HP]

ACL - EVZ1 [6U 104 HP]

  • $299.00

(84hp version in the photo)


The EVZ1 6U 104 HP is a compact and lightweight metal case with wooden side panels. A high-end power supply, consisting of a KAZU module and an EVE 1 low impedance bus board, guarantees crystal clear sound. At most, you can draw 1000 mA from each the +12 V and -12 V rail as well as 500 mA from the +5 V rail. These numbers may appear to be low at first. However, thanks to high precision and great stability, operating the power supply at maximum capacity is not a problem. Calculating headroom? Crosstalk? Noise? Interferences? – All topics of the past once you have the EVZ1 in our studio.


    The EVZ1 6U 104 HP features two 3U rows with 104 HP each. The KAZU power module is installed on the upper side panel of the case. Thus, it does not occupy any of the valuable HPs. For distributing power, there is an EVE 1 low impedance bus board. Up to 20 modules can be connected.

    Information on the KAZU power module:

    KAZU is a switching power supply developed especially for modular systems. Thanks to extremely low interferences and voltage spikes, modules connected to this PSU sound crystal clear. It is also worth mentioning that the KAZU hardly warms up. – Even while being used close to maximum capacity. It goes without saying that a power supply such as this one is protected against short circuits and over-voltages.


    • +12 V: Regulated, filtered, less than 2 mV fluctuations and noise at full capacity, typically 1,5 mV.
    • -12 V: Regulated, filtered, less than 2 mV fluctuations and noise at full capacity, typically 1,5 mV.
    • + 5 V: Unregulated, filtered, less than 40 mV fluctuations and noise at full capacity, typically 30 mV.

    Maximum voltage output:

    • 1000 mA at +12 V
    • 1000 mA at -12 V
    • 500 mA at +5 V

    Information on the EVE 1 bus board:

    EVE 1 features exceptionally low transition resistances between PSU and modules. Crosstalk was almost completely eliminated. This is achieved by using six layers of conductive tracks, which stretch over the entire circuit board. For +12 V, -12 V and +5 V, there is one copper plane each. Ground features three layers. High-precision buffer capacitors enhance the low-noise design even further.

    EVE 1 is equipped with 20 polarity protected module connectors, divided into two separate lines of ten sockets each. Shielded CV and gate channels according to the Doepfer standard can be (de)activated via jumpers. Connection to the KAZU is established by a five-pin socket.

    An external power supply (15 V DC, tip positive, ring negative) is included in delivery.