Analogue Solutions - Vostok Deluxe [USED]

  • $2,995.00

Used in Excellent Condition.

Manufacturer Description
The Vostok Deluxe features a Midi to CV/Gate-converter, 3 VCOs (one with sub-oscillator), a VCA, an AC-coupled ring modulator, 2 ADSRs with repeat, 3 LFOs, a sample and hold circuit, CV/audio-mixer with VU-meter and a multiples. the eight-step-sequencer has a new step repeat function. The Accurtonics spring reverb has a thre-spring-tank for dense sound.

The Ms20 filters are separate low pass and high pass filters. The high pass filter can be used as a low pass as well, so you can obtain a 24dB lowpass by patching the filters in series.

The Vostok is not prepatched - all audio and CV connections have to be done manually by patchcords and/or the pin matrix.