Doepfer - A-141: VCADSR (USED)

Doepfer - A-141: VCADSR (USED)

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USED in very good condition.

Manufacturer Description:
Module A-141 (VCADSR) is the voltage controlled version on an ADSR type envelope generator - a bit like the the voltage controlled version of the A-140. Whenever a gate signal is sensed at the VCADSR's gate input, an adjustable sequence of voltages is triggered - the envelope. You can then use these envelopes to modulate a VCO, VCF or VCA, or to control any other voltage controlled parameter of an A-100 module, e.g. Phasing A-125, Frequency-Shifting A-126, BBD-Delay A-188-1/A-188-2 or Waveshaping A-116/A-137.

The shape of the envelope is governed by four parameters: Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release. On the A-141, these parameters can be controlled by hand, or by voltage control, via the dedicated CV inputs (each with an attenuator).
The A-141 VCADSR also has a retrigger facility: while the gate is open, a trigger pulse received at the retrigger socket will re-start the envelope from the beginning of its attack phase.

The time range for A, D and R is about 3 ms ... 20 s. The module can be modified upon request (changing a capacitor) for another time range, e.g. 300us... 2s.