ElectroSmith - 2144 LPF MU

  • $99.00

The Electrosmith 2144 LPF is a classic analog filter with a 24dB per octave slope in the MU modular synthesizer format.

It uses our 2144 submodule which features a reissue of the renowned SSM-2044 IC that formed the filter section for countless vintage synths. The filter's tone is warm and creamy at low resonance settings and moves into fat, over-driven squelches at the higher end of its range. It will self oscillate when resonance is cranked and outputs a pure sine tone. In addition, the frequency CV input tracks volt per octave allowing it to double as a sine wave VCO.

  • MU format synthesizer module

  • Analog 4-pole low pass filter

  • Renowned SSM-2044 filter topology

  • CV over frequency and resonance

  • Frequency CV tracks volt per octave

  • Capable of self oscillation

  • Doubles as sine wave VCO with V/Oct tracking