Intellijel - uStep [USED]

Intellijel - uStep [USED]

  • $130.00

μStep is a 2x8 / 1x16 step/gate sequencer with shuffle

-Seperate sequence lengths (1-8 steps long each)
-Seperate gate lengths
-Store/Recall patterns (8 locations)
-8 levels of Shuffle
-Seperate sequence outputs with dedicated leds showing gate logic status
-Relative and Absolute Timing modes
-Gate range from 500uS to 30minutes (capable of audio rate sequences)
-Compatible with STG Time Buffer (DINSYNC system)

Use this module for:

-Beat/trigger sequencing (great for polyrhythms!)
-Control of adsr/asr envelopes
-Clock dividing
-Swing Clock
-Convert Gate to Trigger