Moon Modular 506 [DEMO] SN: 3377 [USED]

Moon Modular 506 [DEMO] SN: 3377 [USED]

  • $250.00

USED. Never sold. Like new.
Pulled from the store demo system.

Manufacturer Description
The M 506 MODIFIER MODULE is a combination of a voltage controlled low pass filter and exponential voltage controlled amplifier connected in series.
The VCF is a ladder type lowpass filter featuring switchable slopes (12/18/24 dB/oct) and voltage controllable regeneration. In addition to the manual frequency and resonance dials there are three attenuated control voltage inputs for filter cutoff frequency (bipolar), resonance and amplifier gain.

The VCA bypass switch deactivates the amplifier to ease control while working on a filter patch.

Jumpers/connectors on the rear side allow internal connections.