ARP 2600M (Open Box)

  • $1,499.00

Open Box (Includes all original packaging)

Korg ARP 2600 M

Following the remarkable success of the ARP 2600 FS, Korg introduces the ARP 2600 M, a faithful recreation of the classic semi-modular synth in a compact desktop package. Roughly 60% the size of the original, the 2600 M packs all the sound and functionality of the original 2600 into a housing that will fit in any studio or performance setup—and with integrated MIDI input and a USB MIDI Host port, it's easy to add any controller you want to this iconic synth. The ARP 2600 has long captivated musicians around the world, and now Korg has made it simpler than ever before for musicians to add the classic sounds of the 2600 to their studios.

The Korg 2600 M features the same analog signal path as the original 2600, from the three multi-function oscillators all the way to the spring reverb and built-in speakers. Korg has included recreations of both the 4012 and 4072 filter revisions, allowing access to the earlier Moog-like 24dB/oct sound or the later 12dB/oct filter type. The built-in preamp, envelope follower, and ring mod make for a stellar way to bring external signals into your 2600 for both processing and control, while the extensive modulation options offer a variety of ways to articulate, modulate, and otherwise control this instrument's compelling analog tones.

Maintaining the original layout and workflow we've come to know and love, the 2600 M uses a semi-modular, pre-patched signal path, with the option of using 3.5mm jacks to defeat the internal signal path so that you can define your own patches and sounds. Best of all, the 2600's signal levels are fully compatible with Eurorack modular synths and most desktop synthesizers, making it easy to combine the 2600 with other instruments and CV controllers in your setup. Additionally, the dedicated MIDI DIN & USB inputs make it easy to connect to your computer or standard MIDI controllers, while the USB-A MIDI Host port allows you to connect class-compliant USB MIDI controllers directly to the 2600.

Authentically recreating the sound and workflow of the original ARP 2600, the Korg 2600 M adds a host of new features and a reduced footprint that makes it much more practical and immediate for modern musicians. If you've ever wanted to add the authentic sound and feel of this classic synth to your studio, Korg might have just made your dreams come true.

ARP 2600 M Features

  • Authentic recreation of the ARP 2600 in a compact desktop form factor
  • ~60% of the original size, great for fitting into any studio or touring setup
  • Includes purpose-built travel case for easy transport
  • MIDI input via DIN & USB for use in a variety of modern workflows
  • USB-A MIDI Host port allows you to directly connect class-compliant USB MIDI controllers
  • Three analog oscillators with FM, PWM, and more
  • Includes authentic recreation of both the 4012 and 4072 filter revisions
  • Preamp, envelope follower, and ring modulator provide a plethora of ways to integrate external sound sources
  • ADSR and AR envelopes for creating articulation
  • VCA, mixer, and panner form the end of the audio signal path
  • Real spring reverb for adding some space and '70s flair to your sound
  • Built-in speakers great for auditioning sound and making music on the go
  • Noise generator, voltage processing, sample & hold, clock, and switch for creating complex, nuanced control structures