1979 - DSD: Digital Stereo Delay [200r]

  • $700.00

Digital delay with clock sync and FX send

The DSD is a digital delay unit based on the Chronoblob V2 by Alright Devices. Sync the delay time to an external clock, modulate the left and right channels independently, freeze the audio buffer for looping applications, and route the delayed signal through other modules using the send/return functionality. The DSD provides up to 2.73 seconds of high-quality delay for your Buchla system.

  • Clean high-fidelity digital delay (48 kHz, 16 bit)
  • Delay time from 5ms to 2.73 seconds
  • Can be synced to external clock, with built-in clock divider/multiplier
  • Configurable mono (with external FX send) and stereo modes
  • Each side (left/right) has the option of linked or independent delay times
  • Freeze feature loops the current audio buffer indefinitely