1979 - DVCM: Dual Voltage-Controlled Mixer [200r]

  • $725.00

Two independent four-channel audio mixers with flexible routing options and full voltage control

The DVCM expands significantly on existing 4U 1.2v/oct mixers such as the 206 and 207. With circuitry based around the SSI2164 VCA submodule, the DVCM provides eight channels of clean and transparent audio mixing with full voltage control.

The four audio inputs in the top section are normalized to the bottom section so that any unpatched audio inputs on the bottom will receive signals from the top. All audio inputs have associated CV inputs which respond to a 0-10V range. The final POST mixer outputs also have their own VCAs with inverting attenuators.

Each of the two mixer sections have separate PRE and POST outputs to assist with integration of external effects processors, multitrack recording, feedback patching, or live performance monitoring. The POST output can achieve a maximum gain of 3X (+9.5 dB) which solves many level shifting problems between 4U 1.2v/oct gear and other studio equipment, including Eurorack modular systems, which use higher signal levels.