4MS Row Power 45 #3 (USED)

  • $119.00

(USED Includes Original Packaging)

Ideally suited for large systems or a collection of particularly power-hungry modules, the 4ms Row Power 45 has an abundance of power on tap. Simply connect modules together with Multi Power cables or Bus Stick, or utilize the Row Power 45 as part of a custom power setup with solderable connections to studio bus boards using large gauge wire or MTA156 connectors. Row Power modules and Pod cases may be daisy chained together, utilizing a single power brick and barrel cables, and each power supply contains its own power regulation system for minimum noise crosstalk. 4ms also offers the separate Row Power Shield, a handy tool which attaches to the rear of the Row Power 45 and provides real time monitoring of rail voltages and power draw, viewable on your smartphone via Bluetooth connection.

Row Power 45 Features

  • Eurorack power module capable of handling high-power systems
  • Daisy-chainable with other Row Power modules and Pod cases
  • Note: power brick and bus cables not included!