Moon Modular - 511C: Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator

Moon Modular - 511C: Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator

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Module Size: 2 unit space

Manufacturer Description:
in typical ADSR-Style with five voltage controlled parameters. Control voltage inputs with associated attenuator knobs for attack time, decay time, sustain level and release time and envelope amplitude.

The input jack for the amount of contour control is internally connected to +10 volt if nothing is patched. The time parameters range from 1 ms to approx. 20 s (at full modulation).

A gate button allows for manual triggering the envelope. Trigger threshold of the gate input is ca. 1 volt, positive edge.

The time control voltage inputs are “chained“: i. e. a control voltage in the „attack“-input controls the inputs D, and R as well, if there is nothing else patched. Control range is 0-10 volts, higher control voltages give longer envelope times.

Two LEDs serve as indicator lamps for ’gate pulse present‘ and for the envelope output.

Two envelope outputs serve as normal (0 to 10 volts) and inverted (0 to -10 volts) outputs.