Moon Modular - 525MCP: Attenuator/Mixer

Moon Modular - 525MCP: Attenuator/Mixer

  • $295.00

Manufacturer Description:

The 525 MCP is comprised of an active bipolar four channel mixer for audio signals and control voltages with master level control, channel on/off switches with status LEDs, as well as inverted and non inverted outputs.

The four input jacks are daisy chained and input 1 is fed with a positive +10 Volts fixed voltage, as long as nothing is plugged in there. That way, the 525 MCP doubles as a one to four way adjustable voltage source.

At the output jacks - outputs one through four - the respective attenuated input signal can be extracted directly, positive through zero to negative.

There is an included four way multiple.

The 525 MCP's dimensions adhere to the original Moog Console Panel form factor.

There are two separate power connectors: Club Of The Knobs as well as Synthesizers.Com.