Moon Modular - 565D: Quantizer Controller

Moon Modular - 565D: Quantizer Controller

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Manufacturer Description:

The M 565 D Quantizer Controller allows to limit the output voltages generated by the M 565 v3 Quad Quantizer to any desired key, chord or note interval. Up to two 565D Controllers can be connected to one 565 v3 Quantizer.

Technical Details:
Using the array of 12 keyboard-like arranged illuminated push buttons on the right, notes can be activated or deactivated in any combination. The adjusted scale works over the whole quantizing range of the M 565 V3 (±10 octaves), and controls all four quantizing-units in parallel. Up to two M 565 D Quantizer Controller modules can be connected to a single M 565 v3, which allows two different keys/scales to be used at once. Quantizer 1 and 2 depend on the first quantizer controller, quantizer 3 and 4 on the second. The upper three buttons transpose the output voltages of the connected quantizer(s) in semitone increments to the desired key plus one octave up or down. When the button "Set Transpose" is pushed, its LED blinks and the "keyboard" shows the current transposition; the transposition status can be changed by pushing the desired "key". Pushing the "Set Transpose" button again exits the transpose mode. The Octave up/down buttons are permanently active.

Inputs And Outputs:

Measures and Weight:
5U module according to Moog norm factor. 1 unit wide. Connectors for the power distributions of and COTK.