Doepfer - A-100 Basic System 2

Doepfer - A-100 Basic System 2

  • $2,670.00

Manufacturer Description:

the a-100 basic system 2 is a reliable starting point for working with the a-100. The modules included are:

2x standard vco a-110-1

2x adsr a-140

2 x lfo a-145

1x ring modulator a-114

1 x audio divider a-115

1 x vc waveform processor a-116

1 x noise/random a-118

1 x vcf1 a-120 (24db low pass 1)

1 x xp vcf a-106-6

remark: the earlier used 12db multimode filter a-121 has been placed in
the basic systems from january 2010 by the a-106-6 xp filter. the
production of the a-121 had to be stopped because of the no longer
available special circuit cem3320

1 x linear vca a-130

1 x logarithmic vca a-131

1 x MIDI Interface A-190-4

1 x linear mixer a-138a

1 x logarithmic mixer a-138b

1 x dual s&h a-148

1 x trigger divider a-160

1 x trigger sequencer a-161

1 x dual slew limiter a-170

1 x multiple i a-180

30 patch cables (mixed colors and lengths)

the modules of basic system 1 are assembled in a 6hu frame with built in
power supply and bus boards. the 6hu (A-100-P6) frame is also available
without modules to configure an individual system (see NOISEBUG.NET for
full selection of Eurorack format modules and cases) or for expanding
the basic systems with additional modules. the purpose and function of
other modules will become more apparent as you work with your system,
and you will be able to decide which extra modules you need for your
particular purposes.

the modules a-150 (vc switch) and a-162 (trigger delay) are replaced by
the midi interface a-190-4 and a 4hp blind plate. in addition one of the
two standard lfos a-145 is replaced by the variable waveform lfo a-146.

the a-100 basic system 2 portable comes in a self-contained suitcase
carrier with the power switch on the back. This particular basic system 2
is the 110V version, and ships with US power cable.