Analog Craftsman - ac2600

Analog Craftsman - ac2600

  • $329.00

Manufacturer Description:

From the latest 2017 production run. Note the new lit sliders!

New England has long been a center for synthesizer manufacturing. The Aries 300, EML 101, Kurzweil K250, NED Synclavier, and of course Alan Pearlman’s ARP 2600 were all made here. It is the latter’s heritage that we’ve focused on. What better place to build a tribute to the legendary 2600’s VCF than analog craftsman’s HQ, only miles from where the originals were produced.

The ac2600 VCF is part of our Special Edition filter line, seeking to bring large format modular synthesists some of the great circuits of yore in both sound AND appearance. No knobs here… this filter has long throw sliders just like the real thing. Two audio inputs and two cv inputs with attenuation for lots of flexibility and control. The ac2600 VCF also easily self oscillates to become its own sine wave oscillator, with fine tuning and pitch control by voltage.