Analog Craftsman - acBMS/R

Analog Craftsman - acBMS/R

  • $199.00

Manufacturer Description:

Bypass. Mute. Send/Return.

Not every module has a bypass. Sometimes that’s lame. Not every source goes into a console with a mute button. Sometimes you want that. Sometimes you want to audition some filters. Send your VCO to some and decide what sounds best. This module allows you to do all these things. Times four.

Input your signal and use the three position switch to pass the signal directly to the output, mute the signal, or send it to another destination, such as a filter or effect, and then return the signal to the module. The outputs of each channel are normalized via switching jacks to the input below them so it is possible to input a signal to channel 1 and send it to four separate destinations via each channels send.

Its versatile. It’s useful. It’s fun.