MM Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

ACL - Mini Midi

  • $379.00

The ACL MINI MIDI is a USB MIDI to CV convertor module in a small module.

It uses MIDI CLOCK, START/STOP, one selectable MIDI Controller and a monophonic MIDI Note to be converted to Eurorack compatible CV, GATE and clock signals.

It can be used as USB MIDI to CV interface by connecting to your computer via the USB B port. A Class Compliant USB MIDI device can be connected to the USB A port.


  • Pitch output
  • Gate output
  • Clock output
  • MIDI Controller output. CC# or Velocity selectable by DIP switches on the back of the module.
  • Start/Stop output


Power consumption:

+12V: ca. 22mA + current consumption of a connected class compliant USB Device , USB current supply available up to 500mA

-12V: ca. 10mA

Depth: 30mm

HP : 4