SumSUm Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

ACL - Sum Sum

  • $189.00

The ACL SUM SUM consists of two rows of six inputs that are summed into one output each.

It can be used as a stereo signal summer or two mono signal summers, either audio or CV.

The internal gain of each row can be switched between Unity gain, a gain of 0.5 (-6dB) or 0.33 (-9.5dB) using convenient dip switches on the back of the module.


  • 2x6 mono inputs
  • 2 mono outputs


  • Can be used in a stereo signal path to sum up to six signals.
  • Can be used in a mono signal path to sum up to six signals two times into two outputs.


Power consumption: approx. 20mA at +12V and approx. 20mA at -12V

Depth: 30mm

HP : 6