Analog Craftsman - acRLS

Analog Craftsman - acRLS

  • $299.00

Manufacturer Description:

The Random Looping Sequencer provides a clockable source of randomly changing voltages via a 16 bit shift register. It’s most obvious use is as a pitch sequencer for an oscillator. Run the RLS through a quantizer to create continuous tempered generative music or lock in a repeating sequence of 8, 16, or 32 notes.

Due to the wide range of output voltage (0-10v), the RLS can also be used for modulating almost anything in a modular synthesizer: VCF cutoff, VCA amplitude, EG triggering, or neural computer summing and offset. You can even use the RLS as a wave shaper by clocking it at audio rates. The acRLS also has a CV input for controlling randomness with an external source.

A bonus feature is an analog white noise output that can be used in all the wonderful ways that one uses noise in a modular environment. This circuit was designed by Tom Whitwell and is graciously available to us via a creative commons license.