AMP - Melody Oracle

  • $340.00

The AMP Electronics Melody Oracle is a pattern generating sequencer/synthesizer with a game-board style switching interface. It utilizes a pattern generating method not found on any other sequencer.

The top panel of the Melody Oracle consists of six zones. Each zone is a switching matrix for generating a particular aspect of a musical pattern.

Each zone has seven downward-pointing triangular contacts, and one upward pointing contact. The outer contacts determine the frequency of on-and-off switching behavior for the zone. The central upward pointing triangle in each zone serves to invert that zone's pattern.

The upper three zones are called registers, and are used for gating the three octaves of the synthesizer.

The lower three zones are called “intervals” and are used for creating note pattern sequences. Although there are only three interval zones, they are added (in a 3-bit binary system) to create eight different notes, set via fine tuners found on the back of the unit.

MELODY ORACLE is rhythmic, logical, and musical, yet it is continually surprising and inspiring: the border of chaos and order.



  • Game-board style synthesizer.
  • 8 fine tuners for variable tuning.
  • 30 metal melorhythmic funnels used to control and manipulate Melody Oracle.
  • 2 eight-sided dice and graphic manual including included game instructions for Melody Oracle
  • 1/4" Line Out