AMP - Touch Tones

  • $340.00

Touch Tones is a touch activated auto harmonic synthesizer, with a 3 octave tuning range, XOR logic modulator, Harmonicon auto harmony generator, and two onboard bandpass filters. The left side of the Touch Tones holds three resistive touch pads for playing notes. The total touch combination on these three touch pads lets you play 8 different notes, which are determined by the 8 onboard tuning potentiometers. The right side of Touch Tones lets you select octave ranges, XOR modulation, and Harmonicon auto harmonies.


  • Three octave range plus XOR modulator for ring modulation.
  • Harmonicon automatic harmony keys play a perfect 5th of each tuned ROOT note.
  • Dual Luma filters for active timbral shaping via light control.
  • Wear the Touch Tones for Function or Fashion with the included chain lanyard.