AMP - Wave Expander

  • $329.00

Wave Expander bridges the gap between the Melody Miracle and Touch Tones synthesizers, and the rest of the synthesizer world. Control other synths by sending CV and gate signals via Wave Expander and dial in the right amount of control with onboard CV tuners, separate from the Melody Oracle’s or Touch Tones’ pitch data. Outputs are visually indicated with the Chrominancer color window at the center of Wave Expander, bringing cosmic insight to the signals at hand.


  • Melody Oracle and Touch Tones expander module
  • Use AMP synthesizers to control external gear
  • 11 outputs (1 CV/6 Gate/4 octave division outputs)
  • CV Output: Independent tuners for a unique sequence driven by Melody Oracle or Touch Tones
  • CV Range: 0V to +12V
  • Chrominancer color window