Analogue Solutions - Fusebox X

  • $2,199.00



  • Tri-phonic mode (3 note poly)

  • More Jacks! Some rocker switches were replaced with jack sockets for more patchability

  • New precision type pots on the Interval Generator and Patternator

  • 440Hz tuner tone

  • Interval Generator clock input - allows automatic transposition in a variety of ways

  • Bar1 / Note0 trigger outputs - versatile alternative ways to trigger the Patternator and Interval Generator

  • Arpeggiator replaced with mini step sequencer

  • High quality, smooth metal potentiometers

  • Designed, built, and tested in the United Kingdom

  • Full rugged steel/aluminum case - no plastic moldings\

  • Real wood sides


The NEW Analogue Solutions FUSEBOX X is a compact TRUE ANALOG 3-note polysynth in a neat, smart, and well-designed desktop synth.

When we say TRUE ANALOG, we mean that the entire audio path and all modulation is entirely analog, using circuits based on awesome sounding vintage 1970s designs. The circuits are not locked down by CPUs. Nor are the controls quantized and read by CPUs. FUSEBOX X's sound path is 100% analog and the sound benefit is immediately apparent. FUSEBOX X plays the part... This "X" sounds absolutely HUGE!

The FUSEBOX X, along with all Analogue Solutions gear, is created by genius synth designer, musician, and electronic music fan, Tom Carpenter. He knows how to design and program a synth and what should be "X"pected!

"X" will quickly give you the sounds you want: Deep bass, killer leads, monster percussion, unique effects, and great modulation sounds!