Analogue Solutions - Generator

Analogue Solutions - Generator

  • $749.00

Manufacturer Description:

Generator is a highly versatile multi-channel analogue step sequencer. It provides a fun and intuitive, yet powerful way to create rhythms and melodies with your modular rig and CV synths.

Generator is a compact, high quality, and extremely playable step sequencer. The interface is designed in such a way as to make it easy, fun, and intuitive to alter the rhythm and to get alternative sequences playing using the Intuitive Real Time Gate Control and the real-time touch pad Voltage Generator.

Generator has a large and diverse number of controls that, alongside the patch-points, will give both the beginner and the experienced electronic musician endless possibilities.

The controls are laid out in a user friendly and familiar layout that will enable users to get great patterns quickly.

No compromise has been made with the construction of Generator.

Cheaper parts have not been used!

Generator has:

Full rugged steel/aluminium case - no plastic mouldings
Good quality smooth potentiometers that are fully sealed against dust
Analogue step voltages
Full 16 steps, 3 CV channels,
Gate and Inverse Gate channels
Gold plated touch pads
6 part Voltage Generator

The gate outputs of the Generator are similar to the inventive "Patternator" from the Analogue Solutions Fusebox. The Generator has 4 rotary knobs that "inject" probabilities of a Gate output on the the 1, 2, 3, and 4 beats. This layout gives the user an incredibly easy way to create dynamic and complex patterns on the fly! The Generator also features an inverted Gate output that sends out an opposite positive signal of the normal Gate!

The Generator features a Six ‘note’ interval voltage generator keyboard. Use to transpose the sequence, reset, start and other things too! It can be clocked by the End Pulse creating a mini-sequence that changes once per bar or it can be used independently as a mini keyboard!