Analogue Solutions - LED CV Cables

  • $69.00

The cables are slightly translucent and you can see the core of the cable. Material is a soft touch rubber that is presently flexible.


Plugs are embossed with the words ANALOGUE SOLUTIONS and

also the logo.

These don’t just look pretty! They have practical advantages too!


  • 5 x LED CV cables per pack
  • mono mini jack. Ideal for Eurorack.
  • 4 length choices.
  • Light red / green as the signal swings from a positive to negative voltage.
  • The colours are swapped for each end
  • Jack 1: red / green (+/-), Jack 2: green / red (+/-).
  • Great for working in the dark
  • Easy to diagnose signal flow

30cm - 11.81 in (5-Pack)

60cm - 23.62 in (5-Pack)

90cm - 35.43 in (5-Pack)

150cm - 59.05 in (5-Pack)