Analogue Systems - Demon Controller: Joystick

Analogue Systems - Demon Controller: Joystick

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Manufacturer Description:

49 note keyboard controller transforming any modular synthesizer into a performance instrument. With its built in MIDI/CV converter, joystick and portamento, single and multiple triggering features to name a few is ideal for any keyboard-based modular system, whether vintage or new.


The keyboard features switchable glide with adjustable portamento time, a transpose switch (-1 / 0 / +1 octave) and two trigger modes: single trigger or multi-trigger.

The Demon outputs CV signals at five parallel buffered sockets, additionally there a number of trigger and gate outputs. Analogue Systems even thought abut Switched-Trigger so you can use the Demon with a Moog Modular! Besides the analog signals the left hand side panel of the RS-330 Keyboard Controller there are outputs of the MIDI/CV converter: Velocity, Aftertouch, Modulation Wheel (controller 1), Expression (controller 11) and Effect 1 (controller 12).

CV input: the input signal (±5V) is scaled to 20% (±1V) and added to the keyboard, in different ways depending on the trigger mode. In single trigger mode it is added constantly, in multi trigger mode only when a key is depressed. The CV is emitted via MIDI as a Pitch Bend information.

The RS-220 Joystick provides you with CVs for both the X and Y axis, at two sockets each. The joystick is sprung and goes back into the center when unused. This behavoiur can be deactivated by removing the springs. connectors

MIDI: In, Out, Thru mains: IEC connector with voltage selector for 115V and 230V

RS-220 Joystick: two CV outputs for X-axis, two CV outputs for Y-axis

RS-330 Keyboard Controller: MIDI controller outputs: velocity, aftertouch, mod wheel, expression, effect 1 keyboard: CV input, 5x CV outout, 2x gate output, 2x trigger output, S-trigger output